Our Vision

Community Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) sponsorship program provides sponsored families around India a path out of poverty through small but continuous support to specific families over the course of several years. The program is a way for sponsors to express their admiration for the heroic struggles of sponsored families. CFCA’s program in India serves thousands of children, elderly people, and their families.

CFCA’s core values of integrity, accountability, the dignity of the person and respectful relationships guide our decisions each day and help us to focus the program on the expressed, felt needs of sponsored families. The “Hope for a Family” program is a way of describing CFCA’s program at its best. The nine values set a goal for all of us to work towards our service to sponsored families.

Sponsored families are the center of the sponsorship program. The mothers of sponsored children are their greatest advocates, and the program gives the mother’s encouragement and support in their efforts to raise the next generation of leaders.

The “Hope for a Family” program gives women a space to grow and express themselves, which also increases their ability to help their children.

CFCA’s work in India would not be possible without cooperation from the Indian government, both at the national, state and local levels. The program also depends upon the cooperation of many banks and local businesses. The government agencies and businesses have been valuable partners in CFCA’s work in India, and we humbly express our appreciation to them.

Looking towards the future, CFCA plans to continue its work and serve more families as we are able to get sponsors of good will.