CFCA-COVID Relief initiative under the guidance of MHA(Govt ) at DELHI, AGRA, PRAYAGRAJ, HYDERABAD, CHENNAI, TRICHY

Covid-19 has indeed posed a major challenge for individuals and communities alike, severely impacting those belonging to the underprivileged sections of the society. To combat these challenges, CFCA joined hands with the Government of India to provide support and aid to the poorest families. As the lockdown has taken a toll on the urban migrant population of Delhi, families are facing an uncertain situation with tremendous challenges. Though there are many difficulties which are being faced by the families, loss of employment and pay cut remain the major concerns faced by the majority of families. CFCA staff and local community members stepped up to do the need assessment and identify the most vulnerable people. As the next step, we established a temporary COVID support unit in the communities we have been working with. To support the needy families, we provided monetary support by transferring funds directly into their accounts and providing essential food items, groceries and sanitization kits.

As the lockdown kept on extending and while the economy is in distress, CFCA has continued its effort in reaching out to those who are in need, especially covid-19 affected families. In the third consecutive month, we have continued to address the crisis by providing relief support.

CFCA collaborated with the government authorities as per the guidance of M/o Home Affairs Govt. Of India for movement passes and to allocate the relief materials to the needy families.

  • CFCA DELHI has contacted DCP South district for the movement passes.
  • CFCA HYDERABAD contacted the Municipal Commissioner at GHMC Uppal Circle Office, P& T Colony, Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • CFCA TRICHY collaborated with Ms. T. Sathya Bama Thasiladar & Mr. Milton (V.A.O) Woraiyur, Tiruchirappalli West.
  • CFCA CHENNAI Contacted the Ward Councilor.

The relief work started by CFCA since the beginning of the lockdown. Our COVID support initiatives in these areas included providing essential grocery items, personal hygiene kit, and additional monetary support. The local authorities and CFCA jointly worked to reach out to the most vulnerable in the communities.

The CFCA sponsored families living in that community identified the status of those families and recommended for support. Most of the Community members are migrants, slum dwellers, daily wage workers, domestic workers, auto drivers, and day laborers.

CFCA provided relief materials to the families by wearing masks and using sanitizer. The people stood in a line maintaining social distance and received the materials. 


Along with working for the vulnerable CFCA-Delhi understands the need of awareness which is a key to fight COVID -19 and the stigma attached to the disease. The staff members are continuously spreading awareness and ensuring total adherence of Govt. advisory and taking safety precautions while distribution of the relief materials. The social distancing norms and temperature check has been made mandatory for the staffs and people.

Our sponsored children who demonstrated the safety precaution to be adapted to fight COVID-19. The posters were also circulated in the social media to bring awareness among people in the community. The children are also holding demonstrations within their communities, and are depicting the correct way to wash their hands during these times. The kids are often active enough to help their parents reminding to avoid crowded places as much as they can, and to maintain basic hygiene as much as possible.